Stockholm Nordic Amb Meeting

I woke up on Gunillas couch around 8 am after a good nights sleep.

We had a nice breakfast at home, meaning that we skipped the breakfast buffet with the rest of the group prior to the meeting. Then we took the metro to Gamla Stan and from there we walked to the place where the workshop was to be held.

The other Ambassadors were already present and we sat down with them and got ready for the meeting. We had a great meeting. The first part – between 9am and 2pm – was a private meeting for only ambassadors, however after 2 pm anyone interested could arrive and join the discussion and air their ideas on how to strengthen CS in the Nordic Countries.

After the meeting Gunilla and I went for a walk in Gamla Stan. It was great. Beautiful summer weather, a great day for a walk.

Gamla Stan, Stockholm

We passed the Swedish Royal Castle..

Swedish Royal Castle in Gamla Stan

We also did some shopping where we found a nice Swedish souvenir that we bought for our common friend Roberta in Italy.

After we had finished touring in Gamla Stan, Gunilla took me to Djurgården. The Couchsurfing group was also going to organize and outdoor BBQ event for the night, but neither Gunilla nor I were too interested in partying off the evening – hence we decided to not join them.

Instead we went to a great cute cafe at Djurgården, called Blå Porten where we had fika. In lovely outdoor surroundings we enjoyed the lovely day outside.

Blå Porten Cafe at Djurgården

Later we walked to over to Rosendahl where we enjoyed the beautiful surroundings of the gardens.

After a lovely day outdoors we went home to Gunillas place and cooked a lovely meal for dinner. We had a great time dining and enjoying some good wine !


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