Touring Stockholm – Return to Oslo

Gunilla woke me up this morning to make breakfast and getting ready for meeting up with the rest of the CS group for a walk around the city.

We had a lovely breakfast before we went downtown. I brought all my luggage that I left at the central station in a safety deposit box. Which was a great idea, cause the walk was long. We met up with the others at Cafe String where they had had brunch.

A HUGE group of CSers greeted us before we took off to walk around Södermalm, which is Stockholms largest island and offers some really beautiful sights and views.

Ellie & Martin.

It was lovely to be able to spend more time with my friends – like Ellie and Martin.
I’ve missed them since they left Oslo to move to Martins hometown Helsinki in Finland.
It was great to see them again here in Stockholm.

Meeting Birgit and Felix, Brie, Marcus, Anni and of course my native Swedish friends, was such a treat.
It’s lovely to have these opportunities to meet up with many of my friends at the same time !

It was a lovely day and we got to see so many beautiful places. Stockholm sure is a nice city. The swedes were doindid an excellent job in being our tour guides and telling us about the places we saw. Parts of the group gathered in a nice area with old style wooden houses.

After the tour Ricard and I departed from our friends and headed towards the airport with a few others that also had flights around the same time that we did. After a lovely weekend – it was time to go home.


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