Dinnerparty in Bremen

I am travelling again and this time the destination is Oslo, Bremen, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Bremen, Oslo. I’m meeting up with my friends in Bremen that I met a few weeks ago, as well as attending to the huge CS Midsummer party in the Park party in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Early in the morning I went to the bus station where I caught the airport express shuttle to go to Oslo Torp international Airport. In my opinion its quite ridiculous to even call this airport something with Oslo – however great marketing it is for all the cheap airlines. The airport is located 1 hour and 45 minutes away from Oslo. After a nice ride I checked in and logged in and went through security checks and then I picked up some nice chocolate for my friends in Bremen and our hosts in Utrecht.

My flight was quite nice. I had a nice lady next to me and she was quite talkative so I had good company all the way :D Well landed in Bremen I took the metro down to Hauptbahnhof and waited for my host Sanna. Yes, the same Sanna that hosted the fantastic BBQ party that was surprised by a thunderstorm last I was here. I had a huge Ice Cream while waiting for her and when she came she had brought with her Christiane. Christiane lives quite close to Hauptbahnhof and we left my luggage at her place while the two girls took me around the city and showed me Bremen.

Sanna speaks perfect english, but Christiane doesn’t really speak much of it and it was so fun because Christiane obviously wanted me to learn about her city and she talked and talked and showed me and Sanna tried as best as she could to help me by translating. It was cute how Christiane had the best intentions in the world, but I was completely unable to understand.

However, We did have a great day together and we walked all over the city. The Schnoor, the city centre and the harbour. It was cloudy and misty, but still it was warm and a good day for walking around.

We spent several hours walking around before we went to pick up my luggage and went to Sannas place to leave it there and then we returned downtown again.

Since this is my second trip to Bremen in just 2 weeks and I have made many friends here already I had organized a CS dinner meeting so that we could all meet up over a nice meal and some drinks.

Thomas, Dave, Christiane, Susanna, Fernando (my host from my last stay), Jaqueline (Fernandos mother that is visiting from Mexico and will travel with us to NL) had all shown up to the dinner.

We had a great time at a lovely little restaurant. We talked and talked and laughed and enjoyed the time together. It was lovely! After dinner we all walked downtown together and went for a few drinks.


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