Bremen to Utrecht – CS Welcome party in Utrecht

I met up with Fernando and Jaqueline at Bremen airport at 8 am this morning.

We had booked a car for rent and had to pick it up to agreed time. However we had a few problems getting the car due to some faulty reservations. They were very helpful in fixing this problem and since we had brought all the luggage with us, we were free to take off right after we got the car. The problem was that we were already starting 3 hours later than what we had planned originally.

Driving from Utrecht to Germany took us most of the day and we made a few stops for lunch and dinner and when we arrived in Utrecht at 7:30 at night our hosts, Lisa and Jasper helped us carry our stuff to the attic where we had gotten a room.

In the second floor 5 other couchsurfers were sleeping and in the living room another 4. I am amazed at how many people Jasper and Liza had agreed to host in their home this weekend.

Then, we all went to catch the bus to go to the pub where we were going to attend a huge welcome party for all the people attending to the midsummer party tomorrow.

The bus took us downtown to Café ‘t Dorstige Hart in Lange Nieuwstraat 47, which was a great place and we met up with a huge amount of travellers that had already arrived.

Jasper, Lisa, Emre and Eveline

It was a great place to have a party and I met several Couchsurfers that I have been in touch with over the internet and group activities over the past year and months. Like Maikel

It was a great party and we all had lots of fun. We also met all the other guests staying at Lisa and Jaspers place. We danced and drank into the early hours until the bar closed and we went home to get some sleep and prepare for tomorrows big party !


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