CS midsummernight meeting in the park

When we woke up that morning we gathered downstairs in the living room, there were people everywhere. Jaqueline, Fernando and myself slept upstairs in the third floor. Thomas and Lina had a room in the second floor next to Lisa and Jasper themselves and Tim, Maikel and Raymond stayed in the living room in the first floor.

We had breakfast at home and then we hurried downtown to the central station where we all were going to participate to a traditional Dutch Treasure hunt!

We met with the organizers at the meeting point of the Utrecht Central Station. There we were split in teams of 3-4 people and we got a map, a questionnaire and 21 pictures + 1 egg & 1 apple.

Game rules:
The 21 pictures matches the 21 questions and the 21 spots on the map and we have to find all spots and match the questions with the spots and the pictures.
The apple and the egg? We were to show off our trading skills.

Game was scheduled from midday to 15:30 in the afternoon and the map would take us all the way to Grift park where we would stay for the midsummernight party tonight.

Then we were sent off on our own.
Our team consisted of myself, Fernando, Jaqueline and Eveline.

We started off at the marketplace outside the Central Station where we quickly started to show our trading skills.

We had so much fun during the quest and we traded the egg and the apple into so many different things. A few of those that I remember were

  • A bouquet of beautiful pink flowers
  • 1 bottle of milk
  • 1 bag of envelopes,
  • A vase
  • A computer
  • A scarf
  • 1 pack of stroopwafels,
  • A jar
  • We got back another egg and a new apple
  • 2 totes/purses

During our quest we did find all the spots on the map and we got lots of help during our search for all the places as well. We met lots of fantastic people and one family both showed us the last spots on the map as well as they traded some of our stuff for the old computer in the picture. Then they drove us to the Grift park because we had too much to carry with us :D

My group won the actual Treasure Hunt, but another had actually managed to trade their egg and apple into a cough and a lot of other stuff as well. Hence, we won a bottle of champagne :D YAY Go us!

Once the competition was over, we were all fed with lovely food that the food committee had made while we were out on adventures.

After dinner we had several activities in the park. Lots of workshops whereof I held a Safety and Member dispute orientation workshop. There were also workshops on Poi, Latin Dancing, Theatre Sports and Guitarplaying and singing.

After the workshops a huge group of people went to a pub to watch a football game. At one point Fer and myself went to a coffee shop.  we weren’t gone for long but  after that things became really funny and quite blurry, It is NL after all and legal. However apart from that we were all really well behaved and the party lasted until the small hours of the morning.

At night we had a huge bonfire and several people were holding a firePoi show which looke amazingly cool.

The night was beautiful and the party went on until the early hours of the morning.

Click here to see some videos from the event.


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