Brunch in Utrecht – Dinner in Rotterdam – Return to Bremen

Sunday morning we all went to participate to a brunch at Jeroens house.
He had offered to have the event at his house and we all chipped in with money.

It was a nice brunch with lots of participants from yesterday and a nice opportunity to meet up with the people we met and got to know yesterday.

After brunch we decided to take a detour to Rotterdam. We also brought with us Anique that lives in Rotterdam to give her a lift back home and organized with Barbara (that I travelled with in 2007 in Costa Rica) to meet us there for lunch / dinner.

Barbara, Fernando, Anique and Jaqueline.

We enjoyed Rotterdam walking along the harbor and the city watching the architechture and enjoying eachothers company. It was a beautiful sunny day and we had a great time.

However, we could not stay for long. We were to return to Bremen today and we had a long journey to make. We had to leave Barbara and Anique behind and start our journey back to Bremen.

We had a nice trip back and stopped for dinner along the way.

Fernando and Jaqueline left me at Sannas place and then they went to deliver the car to the rental agency.

I had a nice chat with Sanna before we went to bed.

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