I’m off to SWITZERLAND !!

sunny.gifWeather today was as beautiful in Norway as in Switzerland although quite a bit warmer in Switzerland.

I had to wake up 4:45 today and fetch the bus to the airport. My flight was scheduled to 7:45 and with all check ins and all I had to be at the airport at 6am. That is way too early.
I had breakfast at this airport restaurant and while feeling really shitty, as I managed to catch a cold – AGAIN (maybe the 5th this year) – and had a light fever running, no shopping nor stress was in my consideration. Only thing i bought was a book at the kiosk close to the gate – The book thief by Markus Zuzac. My big plan was to read during the flight.
That plan fell to pieces as my seat mate sat down. This little kid started out asking all about the book and he kept talking until we landed in switzerland. He was 11 years old, named Jonas and he was adorable. He had this funny way of telling me things.. like: between you and me… thats pretty funny and things like this.
The plane was kind of the smallest one ive ever been in. even the planes between Norwegian cities hasnt been this small, and I had air pressure in my ears all the time.

Arriving Zurich airport in Switzerland Jonas was picked up by the flight personnel and safely taken to his mom.
I walked around on the airport for a little while, looking at the stores of the mall. How cool is that.. a mall at the airport? damn cool if you ask me. The first thing I had to buy was a swiss phone Sim card since I was gonna stay that long. Then I got my train ticket to Gossau, SG and fortunately I did not have to wait long. The train ride took about 1 hour and I was arriving a bit earlier than I had announce to Vince already so I called him to let him know I already arrived.
And sent a text message. Hehehe. Then I sat down at the train station at a bench and started reading my book. Finally there was time and there was quiet and sunny, nice weather.

Vince called after a while and he had been visiting PapaSteed at the hospital so he was on his way to come pick me up. Finally. After like 8 months of chat contact!
Meeting Vince felt like meeting a long lost friend that I finally got to meet again. I was met by a HUGE hug and laughter and we had fun since the first moment. We talked about all and nothing and he took me home and showed me around outside and inside before he started cleaning up the kitchen and making lunch for us.

I got to meet the cats and immediately found a new best friend in the white cat, Steffu, while the grey cat, Seraphin, was a bit more shy. The white cat just hopped on my lap and stayed there. Vince made delicious pasta and after lunch he took me to Gossau center for grocery shopping for the upcoming party this weekend. We went to Cash and Carry for the main shopping round but we also stopped by a few smaller stores and the bakery ordering bread for sunday breakfast. We had a nice shopping round and as the cashiers packed and fixed everything we had a nice cup of coffee in the store restaurant until the lady came to give us the key to the cart and we could go.

As we got home we stashed all the stuff in the storage room in the cellar and in the garage before we watched some TV and continued talking. For dinner I cooked two different dishes of Whale meat witch came out pretty good according to Vince. Due to my cold and my lack of smelling/tasting sense unfortunately I could not feel that too much of it. He was thrilled. That was enough. We also had a few good glasses of wine and enjoying life and vacation.


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