Arrival of a few more guests, preparations and pre-pre party

rain.gif It wasnt the nicest day as we had grey cloudy weather and some rain.

As I woke up today, Vince had already left for work. I was waken up by another surfer arriving early, Martin. He got welcomed in and started playing with the cats. I made him some food and tried activating him into discussions. That I soon gave up and Vince told me to let him use his computer in the office. I worked most of the day due to a crisis situation at work and the rest of the day I slept till Vince came home.

For dinner, Vinces ex Nicole came over and we also got two more couchsurfers, Alex and Steffi that arrived early. We started hard work while having lots of fun, alcohol MIGHT have been involved, making name tags, preparing what had to be done of preps and teasing each other quite a bit.

I baked chocolate chip cookies for the fun of it. We also had a few picture sessions with boxes on our heads (maybe just Vince), a few Swiss accessoires (Alex) and lots of laughter.

We had so much fun and I got my first room mate this night too. Steffi and I stayed up chatting till early morning hours planning practical jokes (which would be forgotten in the morning) and just having fun. Finally we fell asleep getting ready for a new day.


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