Preparations before the Paella Party and a visit to Lake Constance

sunny.gifAwesome, the great weather is back !! +25C and sunny is just what we want when for vacation !

Vince had to get off to work early and let us others sleep in. Or.. He actually woke us up to let us know that the fridges and the beer would soon arrive with a whole lot of other stuff. He would soon be back again with a few more guests like Luzius and later we would go to the store and we also went to pick up Florian. From this point fwd people just kept rolling in and while Steffi and I spent quite a long time in the kitchen baking cakes for the party tomorrow, preparing signs and taking turns registering new arrivals.

Roger and Alex and Steffi helped the guys from the brewery set up the coolers and then started stashing them with beer and wine and juice and all we would need for the weekend.

The party tent arrived just before lunch and we all would go to set up this and the tables and chairs to go in it.

After this Roger came in and started preparing lunch for us all. Marcel and Natalya prepared dessert (coconut cream). Lunch was awesome and Anick-Marie and one of my room mates, Hector, had arrived by now as well. With AM came Ulf and a few other Germans and more Swiss people.

arbon.jpgAfter lunch we had this wonderful idea about going to the beach !!
3 cars set off to Lake Constanse also called Bodensee (German name) and we ended up close to Arbon city, by a little bay there. Like shown on the map from Google.
Most of the already arrived people went there. Ulf, Anick-Marie, Florian, Roger, Marcel, Natalya, Wicher, Steffi, Bogdan, George, ? and myself. I got a ride with ??? Anick Marie and ??? to Arbon and we almost got a bit lost in the beginning of the trip as we were supposed to take the highway instead of driving through Gossau.

As we finally arrived we had a wonderful time and swam and enjoyed the day in the sun. It was so lovely and a wonderful day. They should all be like this. So many friends in one place at the same time.

For the ride home, We split in two groups. One group would have to go to the store to pick up food and the other group would go directly home. I went with the food group. We had to pick up food for the BBQ that was going to start when we got home.
Roger took me, Wicher and Bogdan in his car and we stopped by this little Aldi store close to Arbon to pick up what we needed.

We got home and house was already crowded with LOTS of new people having arrived. Woooooohooo. It was such a wonderful ambient, so many happy faces and so many new people to get to know.
During the BBQ more and more people arrived and for the following party we had a lot of fun.Maikel,Maurizio,Jakob,Marcus,Gabrielle,Birgit and Felix,Konstantinos,Thomas,Martine,Antoine and alsoAldo, my other room mate, arrived during the night. We reached almost 100 guests already for this friday night ! Everyone was so happy and so nice. Lots of fantastic pictueres were taken. :D


After last car arrived with guests for today we went to bed trying to catch some sleep to be prepared for Saturday.
Ha! Only thing is that when you finally have people around you, why should you sleep? I stayed up talking with my roomie(-s) most of the night.

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