sunny.gifAwesome, the great weather is back !! +25C and sunny is just what we want when for vacation !

Finally the day is here. I woke up after 1 hour of sleep a bit confused and dazed by the ambient and the people around me. It was lovely to wake up and get outside to the huge group of lovely people present. We had a huge breakfast outside in the garden and more and more people kept arriving.

Breakfast outside

Breakfast outside

Most of the group went to Lake Constanse (Bodensee) again for swimming and enjoying this incredibly beautiful day. Some stayed behind to help out with the food preparations and welcoming more guests.

At 3pm we returned. I was happy to be given a lift with a huge group of Belgians and that was where i got to know Steven with whom I later on spent a huge amount of time talking with, exchanging music and having lots of fun with.

Ricard had arrived and with him also came Ben, Sams (my couchsurfer from Australia that stayed 3 months last year) best friend from home in Sydney. That was cool !

An ambassador meeting was scheduled at 4 and several of the founding members of Couchsurfing and several of the first European members, first American members, several of the global ambassadors and a big amount of the country ambassadors etc. were all present like Casey, Promitheus, Brie, Aldo and a huge amount of others. I attended as a country amb for Norway with Ricard.

Roger, Fabian, Vince and Maurizio are preparing to feed the hungry

Roger, Fabian, Vince and Maurizio are preparing to feed the hungry

At 5:30 the food was ready to serve. Vince has like the biggest Paella Pans I have ever seen. Seriously. He cooked 2 pans of Paella (meat and vegetarian) for 160 people. Well, you can see for yourself from the picture that the pans are big !!!!

The food was soooo wonderful. It was just simply delicious. The party kept rolling into the late hours.

Of course Mr. Mojito made his famous mojito :D That was popular !

Mr. Mojito making us all mojitos !

Mr. Mojito making us all mojitos !

Party running wild in the garden

Party running wild in the garden

As the night grew dark and cold a small group of us (Nicole, Marco, Florian, Anna, myself, Aldo), that were allowed inside the house went to watch a movie before bedtime. I was exhausted from my coughing and being sick.

First we watched From Dusk till Dawn

and then we watched Shaft

and then it was bedtime.

For Video:
Superyamis production

Swiss CS Paella – short movie

I would have linked to part 1 here, but that part has been blocked by EMI due to copyright reasons, so … sorry folks. Enjoy the other movies :D

Swiss Bliss Paella – Part 2

For pictures:
Collected Albums from Paella
Swiss CS Paella Pictures
My Couchsurfing Album from the trip

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