The day after the day

This morning I woke up feeling like shit. Another night with little sleep (ok that part was very welcome – talking most of the night again) and bad cough and fever (which was not so welcome). Weather was not among the best, however most of the day it was cloudy and thankfully it didnt really rain very much.

A huge group of the Paella participants went to a waterland nearby:

Single? Wanna Fuck?

Single? Wanna Fuck?

A large group went to Gossau centre walking around and searching for a bar to watch a game of football, however Hector and myself spent the day in the room watching “The Butterfly Effect 2”.

The two sicklings. Hector had a biking accident just a few days before the Paella meeting and I had one of the worst colds and coughs of my life.

For lunch our kitchen bitch, Roger, cooked us pasta. He makes delicious food !!

That night a big group of us watched Poolhall Junkies (Birgit, Felix, Paul, Hector, Aldo and myself).

Once the movie was done, we joined the rest of the party participants outside in the party tent. The party was going strong there and most of the party participants were in a really good mood. It was too cold for me – being sick and all, so I didnt participate into the early hours of the morning either.

Me, Ben and Ricard

However, the party was great and it was really nice to spend this time with new and old friends !


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