Touristing St. Gallen

cloudy.gifToday was mostly cloudy, but still temperatures were quite warm. We spent most of the day outside.

Remaining guests: Hector, Jason, Christine, Roger, Steven, Me and Ben.

We all woke up around 10 and Ben and I went to take Hector to the trainstation so he could get to the airport. After this we stopped by Aldi grocery store and picked up food for breakfast, some bread, juice, cheese and a few other things to eat. The fun thing was that both Ben and myself were still in Pyjamas. Hehehe.
Vince set up the table and benches in the front of his house and we all had breakfast outdoors. It was a quiet, nice morning.

As soon as we had finished up the breakfast we left for the nearby city St Gallen where Vince showed us around.
Our first visit was to the Baroque Cathedral and then we stopped at the pharmacy to pick up some stuff for the throath. Vince had lost his Voice too and Christine was feeling soar.

Out next stop was at the Abbey Library of St Gallen. It must be the most beautiful library I have ever visited and together with the Abbey church it has even been made a Unesco World Heritage Spot.
This library is considered one of the richest medieval libraries in the world with Handwritten books as old as from the year 613 !!!!

As soon as we had seen these spots we stopped to shop cigarettes for Steven and Vince and we walked through the streets of St Gallen.

Next stop was at the Hospital of St Gallen where Dave was hospitalized for a short visit. He had a terrible motorsyckle accident some weeks ago. After the hospital visit our next stop was at Walter Zoo where we had a nice walk looking at groundhogs, deer, mountain goats and lots of other animals.

As we finished up and returned to the house it was time to take Jason to the trainstation as it was his turn to leave now. Vince and myself drove him and then Vince took me to the Doctor, where we stayed for quite some time. I got 4 different medicines for my cough and sore throath. It was a relieve to finally have something to cool it down with. It was quite expensive though, but thankfully I have my wonderful inssurrance :D

For dinner we picked up Pasta and Salad. Vince cooked this while talking with Corrinne and the bunch of us stayed wisely in the living room till the conversation was over :D I had a wonderful chat with Christine while the guys were watching some kind of religion history.

Pasta, Salad and Sausages tasted wonderful ! Great. And better of all.. My medicines started to work. The cough was really terrible still but… Its already a bit calmer (after Roger gave me the inhalor yesterday) although far from well. One of the big sports of the night was to kill flies :D
But the party took off when 5 of us sat down with each our computer and logged in to CS chat where we sat 5 people in the same room chatting with each other. Hahaha. We had quite some fun about that.
I have completely new roomies tonight, Steven and Benjamin. Lets hope we killed enough flies to sleep in tomorrow :D Damn flies


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