Going to Liechtenstein for breakfast & returning to Norway

partlycloudy.gifToday was mostly beautiful and sunny, with some clouds to be seen, in the lowlands of Gossau temperatures were up to 27C and in the Liechtenstein alps temperature was down to 20C. Still beautiful and sunny.

Remaining guests: Roger, Ben, Steven and myself.

This morning my alarm was set to 8:30, I woke up before the clock rang due to the damn flies that sat on my face and arms and annoyed I tried getting rid of them. Benjamin and Steven were still asleep and I went out of bed to start packing my suitcase. No point in keeping up the fight. Flies won and I got up to take my shower while the others woke up and prepared their suitcases and backpacks we prepared for leaving. Christine had already left so we didnt get to see her any more.
Before we left though we had to have a picture session with Vinces snakes. First up was Benjamin and he took it very nicely as the snake was just hanging around his neck like a scarf. When my turn was up, the sneaky thing started curling up around my neck. I think in some of the pictures that were taken, I might look a bit scared. Hehe.


Worse it was for the photograper. Steven was almost dying on himself :D Poor thing. But he did brave considering his snake phobia. In this photo Vince is putting one of the Pythons around my neck. I am still smiling :D

We were ready for takeoff. As we had planned impulsively yesterday we were going to Lichtenstein for breakfast! Pretty awesome actually. Especially since its so close, just half an hour away in car.

Now we were just 5 left. Ben, Steven, Roger, myself and of course our host Vince and we all fitted into one car now. We took off and drove towards the Rhine Valley towards Liechtenstein and crossed the border line. We suddenly noticed a change in car habits. There was a lot more of Lambourghinis and Porches and nice houses.

We drove through Vaduz and Triesen and Triesenberg, passing the Town Hall Rathaus, the Princes Castle, Schloss Vaduz, on the way before taking off towards Gaflei and Masescha where we would stop.

Our destination was a nice little cafe in the hills of the Liechtensteinean alps, about 900 m over sea level, with one of the most amazing views I have seen, over the Rhine Valley, about 900 meters over sea level.


This nice, old lady took our orders of food and beverages and while we enjoyed the view and listened to some strange birdsounds we had a great deal of fun on this experience that would be the last before we all departed and went in separate directions. We had omelette with ham and soup and I also had one of the best apricot cakes Ive ever had before. The guys had beer, which I envied them a bit but I didnt want to spill the effect of the medicines that finally started kicking in in their work to kill this bad cold I have. Food was absolutely delicious and so it was being with these wonderful people that I have learned to appreciate as good friends these last days.

On our way back home we had planned to stop in Vaduz, but time was running and we did not have more time to spend on travelling. My flight time approached and we had to return to Gossau, SG, to pick up my luggage. All the guys came to the train station with me and it was really hard saying good bye.
Thankfully Ben came with me going to Zurich with the same train as myself and he saw me off at the airport, or else I think I would have cried leaving those wonderful new friends.

The train trip was however a bit sad. Ben feels like family as he is a direct link to Sam (for those of you that dont remember, Sam stayed with me for 3 months last year), and Sam I care about as my brother. We split as I had to enter the passport control to catch my plane and I was on my own again. I picked up a few bottles of local wine from Switzerland and went to the gate. On this trip I did not make a new friend like little Jonas on my way down but I did get to read my book a whole lot. I had to change airplanes in Copenhaguen and with just the right amount of time the plane started boarding when I arrived the gate, so I did not have to wait for long there. I arrived home safely and Im looking foreward for picking up Saffi tomorrow to have company at home again.

Vince, Thank you so much for a fantastic stay, thank you for all you did for all of us! You have been wonderful ! Roger, Steven, Ben it was a great pleasure to meet you all. I miss all of you guys already.

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