The book thief – by markus zusak

When I went to Switzerland last month I bouth the book The book thief by Markus Zuzac.

It is a book I have used a long time to read, a lot longer than I usually use to read a book.

It is one of the best books I have ever read. Oh well, I do get easily touched in general, but rarely like with this one.
During the reading I have laughed and been amazed, discovered, wept and sobbed. This book is a wonderful description of a childs loss and winnings and then more loss during the second world war in Germany.

The book is narrated by Death, telling Liesel Memingers story that he has found in her diary on his 3rd meeting with Liesel. It is told mainly cronologically, but sometimes it hops into the future revealing a few points before it turns back to present again.

The book starts with Liesel Meminger loosing her little brother to death on her way to her foster parents in 1939. In the beginnig she doesnt understand why she is left to live with strangers, but she soon learns to love her new parents, especially her new father.

She grows to like her new neighbourhood a lot and she gets a new bestfriend, her neighbour Rudy Steiner. They live in one of Munichs poorer neighbourhoods and the two best friends will hang out all the time. Rudy is her best friend and protects her from possible dangers.

Papa Hubermann is a painter and he plays the accordeon, He is amazing with Liesel and when she arrives to the house it seems as he kind of wakes up from hibernation. When Liesle has her nightmares, its Papa that will read her stories, teach her to read and just keep her company.
For work Mama washes clothes for different families in Munich and one after one they have to let her go. The last family to keep Mamas services is the Mayors family and Liesel becomes freinds with the Mayors wife that has a beautiful library.

Liesel and her best friend Rudy start stealing fruits and food to fill their empty stomachs, becoming partners in crime. They also steal other stuff and one of Liesels favourite items to steal are books, but Liesel rarely steals more than one at the time. She mainly steals them from the Mayors house where the Mayors wife leaves the window open for her to slip through.

The story takes time in Nazi Germany and you learn about the little family and their struggles keeping enough food on the table, hiding a Jew in the basement for almost 2 years in honor of an old friend of Papa that once saved Papas life and the love between the family members.

We follow Liesel for 4 years in this story and most of the book I read in the train from and to work, but as I got closer and closer to the end I realized I could not finish the book in a public place and just the last time I read on the bus I cried 4 times in just 30 minutes.

Hopeless !
I had to finish this book at home alone.

So as soon as I got home I had to pick up the book again and finish it …
This book is so touching I cried till my chest hurted and I still didnt dry up.

Its a fantastic experience to be a part of and I recommend it to everyone !

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