Juan Luis Guerra in Drammen, Norway at Union Scene

I have just been to one of the best concerts of my life.

Juan Luis Guerra has been a star of mine (and million others) for about 15 years now.
I was introduced to JLG (not literary) and his music, as he often also is called, while I lived in Costa Rica in 1993 and I have loved him and his music ever since.
Its so happy and so full of life and joy !

Facts on JLG
Juan Luis Guerra originates from Dominican Republic and in South America he is way bigger than both Shakira and Marc Anthony. He is considered to be the Elvis of Latin America and he has sold more than 14 million albums. He has won numerous awards for his music

The concert was held at Union Scene in the city of Drammen, outside Oslo. It was a wonderful and intimate concert with just a little under 1000 people present witch must feel highly abnormal for such a star as JLG. Normally when he gives concerts 10000s show up (just an example: His last concert in Madison Square Garden gathered 40 000 !!! people), so this concert is considered to have been one of his most intimate concerts ever.

It was absolutely great and I feel a bit Euphoric. The best part was the variety of the music he played. He performed so many of the old classical hits and also some 5-7 of his new songs in a wonderful mixture of musical pleasure. The crowd were dancing and singing along and I am still thrilled by the wonders of music this man and his 18 man band orchestra manages !

JLG – Burbujas de Amor

JLG – Acompañeme Civil

JLG – Niagara en Bicicleta

JLG online
Juan Luis Guerra official webpage – listen to sample music, videos and follow his Travesia tour !
Juan Luis Guerra on Wikipedia

Norwegian Newspaperarticles on the event:
Juan Luis Guerra til Union Scene i Drammen
Latinostjerne til Drammen

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