Goodbyes and new beginnings

I have just come home from my good bye dinner tonight at Peppes Pizza with 15 of my good friends :D It was great. Im really happy to have such a wonderful group of people around me.

Linda and Robert stopped by to drop of a belated birthday gift, that will come very well in handy while travelling. A 4Gb Memory card !!! Awesome. I think that is about the only thing that ive been thinking a lot about lately that I would have to get a few more Memory cards for my camera. Really great !

I spent most of my last day in Norway working and packing and sorting and arranging and, and, and. hehehe.
Well. Its been a few busy days lately. I got my tickets and I got my insurrance and all I needed in last minute (compared to how I normally prepare for this long trips – like a few months in advance) but hey. I think most of it is ok now. I should have vaccinated the cat but lets see if Ill get someone to help me with that.
Today it has been pooring down most of the day and I cant say that Im not happy about going to sunny Houston. Its been about 2 weeks that they have reported 30C and sun every day on the weather underground website. Anyways everything is better than 0C and rain :D

At 7pm I left my apartment and went to meet my friends downtown. Most of them were there and we had a great time with Pizza and Beer. Myriam, Ellie, Ricard, Alexandra, Oyvind, Celine, Linda, Kirsti, Ornella, Asbjorn, Jorunn S and Margaret were there and it was a good time.
Im really happy all of you. Thank you for coming !
When we split up I went with Ricard and Oyvind for another bar until it was about time for the trains to take us home. We had a great chat and Oyvind entertained both me and Ricard with his incredible stories about his latest adventures. Man, ONLY to Oyvind can that happen. Hehehe.

I was home about 11:30pm and had a chat with Wendy. She is still in NL and was not able to meet me today but we will meet in Rotterdam in 6 weeks. :D Awesome. I cant wait. That trip is something Im really looking fwd to !

O, Im really exited about my trip tomorrow though !
Ill write to you as soon as I am online again and landed so that you all know that Im safe !


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