Landed safe in Houston

Finally after a really long flight I arrived to Houston.
The flight was 11 hours long and the first 4 of them were ok. That was when we were fed and my first book was interesting. I also managed to sleep about 2 hours. The 6 next hours I recall as being quite bored. That is something that has not happened in quite a while. Eh some years. Eh.. pretty many years actually.
Eventually I found some interesting programs on the video channels and finished up another book that unfortunately was not as interesting as it could have been. The last hour was quite good and suddenly we were landing. Wooo.
All in all the trip was good – Im just not used to forced relaxing any more.

houston_skyline_dark.jpgI got a cab to go to my hotel that supposedly is on the opposite side of Houston from the Airport. The cab driver was nice and chatty and that kept me awake for the 45 minute long ride. I had no idea how big Houston is. 7 million people? Oups hehe. The 4rth biggest city in USA. Not that I actually checked before going :D

For the check-in, the personell at the Hotel were really helpful and nice. I was quite exhausted at the time and after several tries to make sense I figured I was in need for food and sleep.
Luckily there is a big grocery store right next to the hotel that is open 24/7 and I had youghurt for dinner ! It was quite interesting to see how inmense amount of unhealthy food was displayed in the shelfs although they also have a great deal of healthy food for sale too.

Once settled in my room, I had a few startup problems with the internet, the phone and such things, and after recognizing that I wasnt gonna understand how to solve the problem due to lack of sleep and long travel, I decided to go to sleep.
The inner clock was set to 4:30 AM Norway time.
Hopefully the jet-lag wont last too long :D

Anyways, Im quite ok and enjoying temperatures above 20C
Ill catch you later.


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