First day at work and the movies

sunny.gifA wonderful day. +32C, hardly no clouds, warm wind :D I like this place.

Today I had my first day at work and it was quite interesting. I was totally jet-lagged but managed to sleep until 6 o clock. Houston is 7 hours behind Norway so that is quite a good deal actually :D

I had breakfast at the hotel and when I was done I waited outside the hotel.
Staale, one of my Norwegian co-workers that are also here in Houston, and his dad came to pick me up and took me to work where I was introduced to a few of the co-workers I will have for the next 6 weeks. It was great. I think Im gonna like it there :D
Most of the day today was spent to get settled and finish up last rests of work I had to do before starting my tasks of the job Im here for.

Staale, Haavard and myself went for lunch at Chilis. It was so great to be able to sit outside and enjoy the sunny weather and have fresh strawberry lemonade … love it.

After work they took me home and I stopped by Krogers to do some grocery shopping. Mainly my diet has consited of fresh fruits of the region, fresh veggies, yoghurt and pasta up until now.

At 7:30 the guys came to pick me up for a movie. Righteous Kill with Al Pacino and Robert DiNero. It was a great movie.

The guys dropped me off at home and I managed to stay awake to almost midnight Houston time.

Tune in later for more updates


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