Company Picknick, The Zoo and a CS meeting

sunny.gifWeather over Houston has been wonderfully sunny, about 30 C degrees and a few clouds, but mostly clear sky. We had some wind and the summery dry smell we have here takes me right back in memory to Costa Rica dryland and I realize I would soooo love to go back there soon :D

Hi again, Here are some updates from Houston and today has been a great day !

I woke up way too early, once at 5 but fell asleep quite fast, then again at 6 and I could not sleep until 7 again, but then I ended up sleeping until almost 10 and then I had like 10 minutes to get ready before Staale and his dad Haavard would pick me up to go to BuckHorn Ranch and Lakes for a Aker Solutions Company Family Picknick.

Buckhorn Ranch and Lake

It was about an hours drive from where we live, but it was a great trip and we tried paddle boats, the little train around the lake, horseshoe throwing and had a great lunch on top of it !
For the paddleboat trip we tried searching to see if we could see aligators as the crew members said that there was aligators living in the lake. We saw none of them but lots of nice black birds and trutles.
After the paddleboats we did the train trip around the lake. We got to see quite a few fishes jumping, turtles and we even saw one aligator in the water, but also the movements of others going into the water. It was quite a nice trip around the lake and in general it was a great day.

Håvard and Ståle throwing horseshoes

We had lunch at the Ranch and while we were almost the first to have arrived and there was almost noone else there when we arrived, we had been joined by loads of people by now. We didnt find anyone from our own office (Aker has like 5 offices in Houston) until after we finished eating. We greeted Per and his wife and kids before we headed over to the horseshoe throwing range. That was our last acitivity for the day at the Ranch.

But our day was far from over yet and out next stop was at Houston Zoo. It was a great day for the Zoo and it was also quite a good Zoo ! If you click the link provided here you can check out their web page to see what im talking about.

Staale and Haavard dropped me off at my hotel where I freshened up and wrote a few emails before I was picked up by Melanie to go to the CS meeting at Agora cafe in Westheimer Rd 1765. Imagine Thats quite a drive from my place. About 18 kms down the same road !!!

Melanie, Andrea and myself arrived Agora at 10pm and guess what. We did not find any CSers. They had left the place without us .. Too sad. Well, we had quite a lot of fun though and we spent the night chatting and we found an Albanian guy that joined us + a big group of other locals visiting the cafe that night that joined in :D It ended up to be quite a nice evening and party even if we didnt find the CSers.
Melanie and Andrea drove me home and we continued talking for quite some while after arriving to my place. Both of the girls are amazing and Im looking fwd to join them for other adventures while here in Houston!!!!


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