Relaxing Sunday in front of the Pool

sunny.gifYet another day with +30C and sun. It was mainly sunny but at times party cloudy today. Someone once asked me if I dont get bored of weather with constant sun and warmth. I dont. I love it. I always loved it.

Considering I went to bed at 2:30 Houstonian time last night I should have slept longer than 7:30 but why stay in bed when you are not tired and have things to do?

I spent a few hours during the morning to go through last weeks emails and reply to the urgent ones as well as sorting out information for the New Years Party Im arranging. Quite a few people are showing interest and that is GREAT !!!!

I had breakfast and after that went to read by the pool for some hours. Nice way to spend the sunday. Swimming, Reading and Relaxing. Aint nothin better than that :D

Relaxing in front of the pool

After a shower to get rid of the worst chlorine from the swimming pool I decided it was time to explore my surroundings in my new neighbourhood.
I strolled out on Westheimer Rd and walked towards Houston Downtown, At Borders I stopped and picked up a Dutch language course for when Ill be 3 weeks in Netherlands soon and when I reached Target I entered to pick up some groceries. At Target, DownTown is still quite far away in walking distance.

I had walked almost 1400 house numbers down the street from 9965 to 8605 to where Target is located and by now I had started feeling the urge for lunch (5pm) and entered for shopping.
I picked up some and I had spent about 45 minutes slow walking or 30 minutes speed walking to reach there. Ive been told that its about 20 kms to downtown from my place. Luckily there are buses ! Ill have to catch one of those one day to get down there !

I was home about 6 and started cooking some lunch, Pasta with Chicken ! Yummy :D
I also killed a cockroach I found upside down. I carried him away and threw him in the bin outside the reception. No way Im gonna invite 700 cockroaches in this ones funeral.

I also dyed my hair darker, prepared for a new work day and wrote a few emails but not to forget, let you guys in on my incredibly interesting day :D

Stay tuned for more interesting adventures tomorrow. Have a fantastic day!


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