First visit to Galleria & bought tickets to California

partlycloudy.gifSome shattered rainfalls in the morning, 25C and rest of the day was sunny.

This morning I woke up at 5:45 and to stay in bed until breakfast started at 6:30.
I walked to work and to make sure I would find my way I had a little map. It is great to walk in these still pretty warm mornings.
I had lunch with Staale and his father Haavard in our new lunch restaurant, also called the Deli.

After work we stopped at the mailoffice, but dont you think that was closed for the day? How should we know the post office closes for Columbus day? Hehe.
So, we went to The Houston Galleria Shopping Mall instead.
Its quite an expensive place to go for shopping, but great design and nice shops.

I got myself a cell phone today too. Thats gonna help I think.

We had dinner at Kona Grill , where I tried the Chicken in Macadamia nut sause. It was sooo delicious. Service was great and dinner was just the best.

I also bought my tickets to go to California today ! Its gonna be great. Im gonna visit Dionne and Gregg in Norco, Marco and Alex in LA and Rachel at CS Basecamp in Berkeley, SF.
I cant wait.

The guys took me home after dinner and that was about all the exitement for the day!


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