Long lunchbreak and dinner at Ståle and Håvards place

partlycloudy.gifThis morning it had rained and it was wet all over. Still moist and warm though. Scattered clouds all day, but big parts of the day with beautiful sun too :D 25C

I was picked up this morning and while working I spent the morning listening to music and dutch classes. These days my work is to gather information and that is quite easy brainer work. I also had a phone meeting with Heidi in Norway and later in the day also with the team over here in Houston.

We had lunch at the Deli at work, but after lunch Ståle had to go down to the Houston Galleria again because he forgot his cellphone at Kona Grill yesterday so he offered to let me tag along and of course I wanted to. Exiting adventures all over in this city.

The trip to the Galleria was good, I got a few postcards and window shopped a bit. After the Galleria went to pick up Ståles car that had been up for repairs for some while. This was a detour that would have normally taken less than 30 minutes to drive there, pick up the car and be back at the office. Only problem was: Houston has 7 000 000 inhabitants. Lots of these dont drive very well and in high speed on the highways…. accidents happen. So, we sat in traffic jam for an hour to get up to the place the car was at.
Thankfully nothing happened on our way home and we were back at the office with 5 minutes to go before the department phone meeting !!!!!!

I would say Ice cold and PERFECT calculations of time.

Since we had a bit of a long lunch break we stayed behind some extra hours to make sure we worked full day and for dinner Ståle and Håvard invited me to join them at their house for Home made mashed potatoes and Sausage. Håvard is a great cook and I like their company. :D

I was dropped of at home around 10 ish and was quite tired so went almost straight to bed.


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