Catching up on a busy life

partlycloudy.gifscattered showers in the day / morning and sunny towards the night. Temps have fallen a bit and while mid day its still wonderful with temps around the 25C ish, in the mornings its going down under 15C.

Today wasnt a very intersting day though but ill sum it up at least.

I had breakfast and then walked to work as it was cloudy but no rain. I spent the morning working on gathering information about the applications I will work on and after the phone meeting with Anette in Norway I listened to music while working. The open landscape we sit in carry sound pretty well and its not always the best surroundings for concentration with loud speaking, phone calls on speakers.

I had lunch with Staale and Haavard again and after work it started raining again so I spent the night working on MDST issues and catching up.

My back problems are never ending and I went for 15 lapses in the swimming pool before I warmed up in the SPA before going to bed.


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