CS meeting at Chapultepec

partlycloudy.gifAnother rainy day in the morning, then some sun, some clouds and some rain again before more sun. I love it though. Its about 25C every day.

At work we had a Celebration meeting to celebrate that Håvard had been in the company for 40 year as an employee in the AKER group. I got to know a spanish speaker, Sergio, so finally I have someone I can practise spanish with at the office.

At night the German girl, Andrea, that I met last saturday with picked me up at the hotel and we went to a the third thursday CouchSurfinig meeting at a Mexican Restaurant called Chapultepec. They had great food. I had chicken fajitas! yummy. Their Margaritas were awesome. Frozen Strawberry Margaritas. I could go on for some while with them.
I had a fantastic night there and met a few new people. Jordan and Lisa was sitting next to us and they were awesome :D We laughed heaps as we all became quite giggly after the margaritas :D
Andrea drove me home around midnight. Thank you Andrea!


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