Lazy days …

cloudy.gifToday was a particularly cloudy day. It was noticably colder than the previous days, but not colder than that T-shirt was warm enough for outdoor use. Maybe temperatures sank down to 23 today. I seriously didnt check. :D

I was so tired when i woke up this morning, I had my regular breakfast in the hotel dining area and Staale and Haavard picked me up at 7:20.
Work was quite effective today and my two Norwegian coworkers left a bit earlier than me today. Per gave me a ride home as we were the two last to leave. He has a great car. A white sports car. Really really nice, but cant remember its name. Ill have to check up on that at some later time. :D

My biggest achievement of the day was to buy the planeticket to go to Tulsa, Oklahoma for my last weekend in US. It will be for the 21-23 of November and I will go there to visit Oneshi. I cant wait. Its been 5 years since I saw her and Julio and I know its gonna be a blast !

I made pasta for dinner and wasted a few hours by the TV before I went to bed at 8:30. I was completely dead tired. So. Not such an exiting day today. More interesting readings will follow this one. Hehehe. Wishing you a wonderful weekend all.


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