Relaxing Saturday at the Hotel

sunny.gifToday we had beautiful sunny weather, 30C and mild winds. A fantastic day for pool activities.

I woke up around 8 this morning and my back was so tense again. I should have gone for that walk and the swim yesterday as I had planned to, but I was way tired then.

I spent a good part of the morning next to the computer working on my volunteer work for but around 11 I went out to read by the pool. I was alone until maybe 2pm when I was joined by another lady.
Around 3 we started chatting and turns out she is Swedish but married to a Norwegian guy and lived in Oslo for 40 years. It was a nice and pleasant conversation in Norwegian. I must admit that I would not have thought that I would find another Norwegian tanning here, but then again. People that constantly live in the sun does not enjoy so much to be in it all the time, so what place better to meet someone from my part of the world than by the pool. When the Norwegian lady left an American lady started talking to me. She was there with 3 kids and as soon as we started talking we didnt stop for hours. She was so kind and we had a really interesting conversations. I think that Cin is one of those people I was supposed to run into during my life. She is staying at the hotel for all the time Ill be here + more with her housband, daughter and 3 grandkids. We also realized that although growing up a generation and a continent apart, our backgrounds are not that different and we had a lot in common.
I am so thrilled to be in this trip.

I spent 7 hours in the sun and it was such a lovely day. I swam, I was in the Jacuzzi / Spa pool and by the end of the day, my back felt a lot more agile than in days.

I went in when the Cigars came out, and Cin and her family went in with the kids, and the rest of the night I spent working on Couchsurfing issues and watching TV. I watched a program about the draughts under the big depression in US in the 1930s and it was a very interesting program. I also watched a few episodes of NCSI, CSI and a few others I barely remember and had a few long chats :D It became late before I got myself to bed.
Night folks.


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