My first bus trip alone in Houston :D

sunny.gifAnother wonderfully blessed sunny Sunday. 30C and just wonderful. I like this city :D Well, I kind of like anywhere where the weather is sunny and nice.

I woke up around 8ish. Quite impressed after going to bed at 3:3o that I would have to wake up that early… again.

I spent some time solving CUQs (again) before I went out to spend a few hours at the pool. I read in my Teach Yourself … language course book and swam a bit, got my back massaged by the airbubbles in the Spa pool. Sundays are supposed to be like this.

Around 3pm I decided to seek adventure again and took the bus downtown. It was quite an interesting observation I did there. I felt a bit alone in the big world. Most of the people on the bus were men. Black men. Not that that bothers me at all. But where were the women? Why were there hardly no women on the bus?
Anyways. You may wonder why on earth I brag about taking the bus? Well. Most of the people I have gotten to know here have warned me several times about taking the bus. Mainly this rule applies after dark though as buses dont run regularly and they suddenly stop. It was even a funny sign at the bus stop that explained that buses may run irregulary due to traffic, accidents and / or bad weather. Continuing to speak about the bus, on my way home from downtown I asked the female bus driver how long it was safe to take the bus. It was 6:15pm and the daylight was about to disappear. Oh Honey, you should be where you wanna be before nightfall. Buses in this city are dangerous to be on after nightfall.

I took the bus down to Galleria. Galleria is not even halfway down the road. I live at 9965, Galleria is at 5000 something (streetnumbers we speak of now *yodavoice*) and the street still runs up to 13-15000 the other way. :D It takes a while to drive from start to end :D
Those 4500ish house numbers took the bus 25 minutes.

The Galleria Mall is a huge mall, a bit too expensive because of the more exclusive stores there, but its great for walking around anyways. I found me 2 new tops and not much more just yet.
It was still good to be walking around and looking at the people that were there.

So on my way home I hopped off the bus at Target and went for some more grocery shopping. I also stopped at Chipotle – a Mexican restaurant I got the taste for when in Minnesota 3 years ago, and brought home some food. I ordered a Taxi to take me home because by now it was almost pitch dark (ok I am adding a bit for the effects here) and I dont need to play it too unsafe on my first trip alone :D
It is half an hour walk to the hotel from Target.

At home I was delighted to have Mexican food ! It was soo good. I also had a long chat with Andrea, one of my newly gained new friends in Houston. She is so funny :D Im happy I met her and Melanie.
I spent the rest of the night organizing stuff for the New Year event. Not that it was so much left to call it the rest of the night :D
So. To those of you reading this early, have a great day while I’ll take a nice nap :D

Tune in later for more updates from US :D


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