Quiet days

sunny.gif26C, nice sunny weather. Not a cloud in sight.

I walked to work this morning. I started off just before 6:40 and while it was still dark when i started, the sun was rising in all its glory only 20 minutes later. It was a beautiful sunrise, indeed.

The first part of my day was quite good and efficient. Then I started getting cold and with cold i got a headache.
Like the iguana I have to come up to the surface at some point to warm up my body before I dive into the cold water again to continue working.
Around 1pm I gave in. It was too cold, I went out in the park surrounding the office buidlings and sat on a bench in the sun for a while. Its amazing how rapidly you warm up in these temperatures.

The rest of the day went better again and to make sure I move my back due to the tense lower parts of the back I walked home too.

I went to bed real early after watching a movie with Jodie Foster called The Brave One . It was a touchy movie and well worth seeing.


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