Massage Envy and Walmart

sunny.gifToday was another beautiful sunny day. most of the day no clouds were to see but around 4 we had a few clouds that covered up the sunset. Temps were about 26C high.

Staale and Haavard picked me up today at 7:15. I woke up by a text message 10 minutes before they came by, got dressed, got some food out of the fridge and packed my sack.
On my way out I went by the dining area at the hotel and picked up some food. My regular breakfast these days consist of omelet, yoghurt, chocolate milk and bagel.

We were at work before 7:30 and my back was in bad pains again. I am sick of having backpains and decided to get a backmassage.
After work I went on my second trip in bus down to Yorktown to Massage Envy where i had a date with Ken. Ken was a brutal massagist, but he sure knew how to work sore muscles.
The bus trip home today was completely full. People everywhere. I must say that, compared to Norwegians, Houstonians are very good at offering seats at disabled, old and pregnant people. If someone has a seat they are quick to give it up for someone that might need it more.
A woman with a cute little baby came in and the baby sat up a show that kept most of the passengers entertained and quite a few started playing with her, making googoo sounds and her mama was so proud :D

I got home just about 6pm and dinner was about to start in the cafeteria. I met Cin and Jim there again and Cin invited me to come with them to Walmart after dinner.
We spent 3 full hours in there and thankfully I managed to leave most behind :D I got myself 2 new skirts and a T-shirt.

I ended the evening in the SPA pool. It was soo warm and nice and I stayed in for almost an hour. I was in the other pool a bit too, to cool down once in a while. Cin and Jim came out after a while and we had a chat before I went in to sleep.


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