tstorms.gifToday was another beautiful sunny day. most of the day no clouds were to see but around 4 we had a few clouds that covered up the sunset. Temps were about 21C high.

Just a quick note, today was not among the most exiting days at work, but Staale and Haavard were kind to take me to a Mexican food store called Fiesta. It was great because I found so much interesting stuff. Tropical fruits, sauces and stuff I have not seen for so long. Yummy.
I even got a christmas gift done.

It clouded up around dinnertime and by the time dinner was done it was colder and I decided to go to my room to watch TV and have a chat with Derek about MDST. I was called on from the Reception to go there again. Cindy, Jim, Yvonne and Johan was waiting for me and they were sitting in the Reception playing guitar and having fun.
By the time I decided to go back to my rain it was pooring down and during the 21 seconds it took me to walk to the front door, i was SOAKED.
I showered and got back in my good chair and watched some more TV before going to bed.


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