Walk in the Park and BBQ by the pool

sunny.gif26C, nice sunny weather. Not a cloud in sight.

I woke up around 8:30 ish and did a few hours email reading, answering and updates on different accounts. So much to pick up on in the weekends lately.
I think this means Im having more of a social life recently :D

At 11am Cin and her family took me to their favourite Park, The Arthur Storey Park, in Houston for a walk. Jim and the kids stayed at the playground while Cin and myself walked around the park a few times. Cin is great company. We have had a lot of fun up until now.
At the end of the walk the whole family joined in for the rest of the walk.

The park was beautiful. There is a beautiful little duckpond with amounts of turtles, ducks and other strange birds living there. The park has several small trails. Two of them pretty close to the playground,but there is also one that expands around the little lake that would take an hours time to walk around. Ill do that one next time I think.

I was completely fascinated by the birds singing in the trees. Zanates :D Those are one of my most precious memories from when I lived in Liberia, Costa Rica, Im thrilled to have them here too!!!

After getting back to the hotel I spent 2 hours laying flat in the sun by the pool, working on my tan and reading a book. Im really happy to be able to do so in the end of october. And I still have one more month before Ill go back to Europe.
A Norwegian couple, Eva and Charles, that I met a week ago too, came down to tan too. They gave up after an hour though :D The sun is still quite hot in the middle of the day.

At 4:30 we started preparing for a BBQ by the pool with Cin and family and another Norwegian couple that lives at the Hotel. The man also works at Aker Solutions, but in a different part than myself.
We had delicious food, good wine and great conversations. It was a really nice dinner party!

Cin, Jim, Johan and Yvonne by the pool

I ended the day in front of the computer (again! Doh! What a geek!) and went to bed as late as 2:30.


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