Relaxing by the pool and Shopping/Dinner with Lisa

sunny.gifToday was another beautiful sunny day. Most of the day no clouds were to see but around 4 we had a few clouds that covered up the sunset. Temps were about 26C high.

My sunday was great. I woke up late, Did some catching up and went out to read and tan by the pool. Finally I finished the book Ive been reading and can start my next.
I spent some good 3,5 hours in the sun and if it werent for my back I think I would have had a perfect time. My lower back muscles are still as tense as never and .. its getting uncomfortable not being able to move better than this. Cin has some pills called Replenex that are an addition to the regular diet but will help for pains in joints and muscles. Ill give them a try. She says its about a half a week to a week to notice any difference. I need Kari to work my back.
Anyways. Sun was great, its funny though, how I always seem to be the only one by the pool or accompanied by one or 2 other scandinavians. None of the other guests spend any time by the pool. And its such wonderful days.

At 4 Lisa came to pick me up to go to a CS meeting. We went there and did not find the others (or we went somewhere and the others were not there) and quickly decided to go for shopping instead :D We stopped by 2 outlet stores and they had lots of great deals. Some real crap stuff too, but I found a Calvin Klein winterjacket for a great bargain and I got a shorts, 3 pair a socks and a sweater. We also vsited a Halloween sale. These stores are so funny :D Didnt get anything there though because Ive decided that anything Halloweenish Im gonna get to bring home will be stuff I bought on sale. No reason to pay full price this week and next week 70% off.

After shopping we went for dinner at Chipotle. Yummy. Lisa is a funny, well reflected person and we had so much fun together. I really enjoyed our evening.

When I got home I worked on Couchsurfing issues with Derek to get some of the issues away.
Got to bed at 11


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