Cold front from north

sunny.gifA coldfront from the north has come in overnight and with a cold, strong, wind the +7C the meter showed, felt a lot colder. Although it was sunny and in places with no wind it was warm enough to sit still outside, the maximum temperature did not reach +20C (67F).
As for an example the wind speed was 42 km/h.

I was up early and decided to walk for work. I packed and prepared and went for breakfast at the dining area. GOSH. It was soooo cold. I had to immediately go in for my cotton jacket.
I picked up breakfast and lunch and went outside. It blew even more. I realized there was no way I was gonna be able to not freeze if I only had my jacket on. I went in for the down vest as well. Im glad I did. It was way cold. Fortunately it was enough clothes as I started to walk. It was a great walk though. The sun doesnt get up until 7:45 these days, but I try to get in before 7:30 every day. Gives me more daylight in the afternoon.

For dinner we had baked potatoes and some meat sauce at the hotel. It was great. I had too much of it though.

Cin came over to visit me and watch pictures, listen to music and learn about Norway. I showed her pictures of my family and of the northern lights (aurora borealis) and played music.
She was amazed by those pictures and we had a very nice time.

I ended the night responding emails and updating blog. Was in bed by 11pm.


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