Lunch at Blakes BBQ and Burgers

sunny.gifThis morning it was only +7C degrees warm and cold wind did not help. Not a cloud to spot at the sky though. At 1pm temps had rised till +20C and it was all nice and warm again. No clouds. A high of 24 expected in the afternoon.

Staale and Haavard came to pick me up this morning. From the alarm rang to we were on the road, I used less than 9 minutes :D Im a bit impressed by myself. :D I do showers at night though. What I did have time for was to get dressed, pack my bag and sweep the dining area and pick up food I brought for breakfast.

We had a North America Application Management phone meeting today at 11am and when that was over, Richard took me out for lunch to a typical Texan BBQ place called Blakes BBQ and Burgers.
Food was great and its good to get to know Richard a bit too as I am working for him to help him with the information that I am gathering and helping him so that my department will take the responsibility for the applications that belong to our portfolios.

In the afternoon I had a workmeeting with Richard to get more info about my work.

I walked home. Temps are getting better again and as I got home I started working on CS stuff. I did so till 7pm and I went out for a walk to Krogers. I met Yvonne and Johan (the Norwegians that also live in the hotel) and Cin and Jim that were sitting outside. Half freezing from the temps, but laughing and having fun.
I joined them for a while but when the others wanted to go in to catch the warmth, Cin joined me to Krogers. A trip that proved to be good as I finally found the right pumpkin carving equipment that Ive been looking for for sooooo long !!!! A big spoon with sharp toothed edges on 2 sides !! Wonderful. Finally I got one. A lady at work also got me this kind of a saw knife for pumpkin carving.

I stayed up working with Marco when I got home. The wonders of internet and communication via chat. I got to bed way late. Gonna be tired for work tomorrow


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