Shopping with Ståle

sunny.gifThis morning it was only +8C degrees warm. Not a cloud to spot at the sky though. The maximum of the day reached +25C and no clouds.

I had dinner at the hotel and a long chat with Cin after work in the hotel garden and then Ståle took me shopping. We first went to Sketchers where I got 3 new pair of shoes, except that they gave me the incorrect bag with 3 pair of 8s instead of 3 pair of 11s. Strangest thing. I was pretty disappointed when I came home and found out.
After Sketchers we went to Target, I picked up a few christmas gifts and groceries and then we tried to go to City Memorial Mall. Only thing was… We got there at 9:02pm and the mall closes at 9:00 so stores were all closed already and people heading on their way out. Too bad. So we decided to give up shopping for the day. I had a chat with the Norwegian couple again as I arrived the hotel. They were outside smoking. I went to bed early.


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