Trick or Treat

sunny.gifToday was another beautiful sunny day. The highest temperatures we reached was +26C high.

Today was my very first Trick or Treat Halloween celebration. I mean. I have spent Halloween in Canada before, but that time my host family closed themselves in and didnt really participate to the celebration. I have also celebrated Halloween by Halloween parties where everyone dressed up and the party place was decorated and all set for Halloween, but its my first time trick or treating with kids around a whole neighbourhood that has been decorated and all people prepared for party.

At work there was a pumpkin carving competition. Some of my colleagues had carved their own pumpkins and they were to be voted upon but i really didnt pay attention to that part of the day. As soon as the workday was over, Staale and Haavard took me to Sketchers to change the shoes I got the other day (except the vendor gave me the wrong bag when i purchased them) and after we went to WalMart to pick up a pumpkin and a few other things that I needed for the party at Lisas place.

When we were done there Staale dropped me off at Lisa and Brians place. Lisa is a woman I met at the Couchsurfing meeting last week.
Brain was setting up the Halloween decorations in the drive way.

Pumpkins gone wild

A table for the candy and Pumpinks with candles inside, a boiling skull and lots of creepy decorations. It looked so great. Lisa led me in to their house and I met their son, Alex, a 4 year old little boy dressed up as a spider :D He was adorable.

I carved my pumpkin. It turned into the head of Jack Skellington (as some of you know I have a thing for The nightmare before christmas ) and as I was performing this task, Pat and Tom came over to celebrate Halloween with us too.

Pat and Tom is a talkative, funny and sweet couple.
When the pumpkin was finished we took it out to set it up with the others and as we got out we had already recieved the first little visitors. little Nemo, the fairy and a princess along with the little spider that belonged to the house of course. They were so cute.

Princesses, Spiders, Fairies and Nemo will haunt YOU this Halloween!

Lisa and myself took the little princess, her mom and the little spider trick or treating while Brian, Pat and Tom stayed at home to hold the fortress and give out candy. Its fascinating that so many had decorated their houses and gardens and in some places the owners had dressed up too. One house had set up vampires in the windows, a aircastle and a graveyard in the garden.

Haunted Mansion

It was so great and all the kids were so awesome, so cute in their costumes. There were all kind of princesses, fairies, dorothys, vampires, batmans and all other thinkable creatures. I had such a wonderful time.
When we had done one round around the neighbourhood we sat down outside Lisa and Brians house to hand out candy. We sat outside until almost 10.
Andrea and Nahoko came to join us at 9. They got a bit lost on their way, but when they came we had lots of fun.
Unfortunately they had to leave the party already at 11pm for another party they had committed to. They both dressed up fantastically.

In the picture Nahoko and Andrea in front. Myself and Lisa in the back.

Lisa drove me home at 1:30 but we stayed talking in the car for a long time.

She is amazing for telling jokes, she is a great and concerning person.

I am glad I have found a friend in her.


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