Birthdayparty for Jessica and MDST work session

sunny.gifThis morning finally the morning temperatures were higher around 14 and it has been a beautiful day with not even a cloud to spot. The maximum of the day reached +26C.

I started out the morning with a 3 hour worksession with Anick-Marie for CouchSurfing.
At 1pm I had a birthday party to attend for Jessicas 12th birthday. It was a nice birthday with cake and Halloween dressed guests along with good food. Cin and Jim had arranged for a few other kids to show up as well and there was games and presents. The birthday girl seemed a little unhappy with the arrangements at first – too much attention, but when she got presents she was just one big smile and really happy.

The people present was the birthdaygirl herself, Jessica, and her 2 brothers, Jeremiah and Gerald, mom Laura, grandparents Cin and Jim, The swedish couple Johan and Yvonne, Batman, Robin, one of the Ninjas, a witch and a pirate – their moms Mary and the last one I dont remember the name.

Yvonne, Me and Cin

When the party ended at 3:30 pm I went back to my room with some extra cake and had a new worksession for 10 more hours with AM, Derek and Eli. It was good and we got a lot done.


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