Escaping Alcatraz

Marco and I arrived San Francisco at 5 am in the morning with the Greyhound bus. This was a bit early and we didnt have anywhere to put our luggage – hence we went out to Berkeley to the CS Basecamp to leave our luggage there and go Tourist San Francisco whereas waiting for it to be late enough for Rachel to wake up.

As we headed back to SF from Berkeley with the Bart, we headed down to the famous Pier 39 and then off to Alcatraz. The prison of Alcatraz is a place I have heard of since I was a kid and I have always been very much so fascinated by the story of this prison and wanted to visit it. The mystery of this prison, that was supposed to be inescapable, haunted and filled with all the worst prisoners in US history… Too good to not visit when I first was in SF.

Me on the ferry on our way to Alcatraz

Marco and I at Alcatraz

The famous watch tower

As Marco and I walked around the island exploring we met with one of the guides that were on a break and she asked us if we wanted to visit some of the closed areas, which of course we wanted. She liked showing the non-regular tourists the more hidden areas of the island and the prison.

Our Guide looking out at the sea - while explaining about the several desperate escape tries

Alcatraz was the unescapable prison. Not only because the wardens were strict and shot prisoners that tried escaping, but also because Alcatraz is located on an island in San Francisco bay. SF Bay holds about +11 C at its warmest in June. The underwater currents are really strong! When you stand at the front of the island where the currents meet the island, you feel like you are on a speed boat because the water passes you soooo fast. The inmates that managed to escape far enough to make it into the water would freeze to death or experience hypothermia quite fast or drown fighting the currents.

Inmate # 765-456

Break the rules and you go to prison. Break the prison rules and you go to Alcatraz.Any convict who escapes, or who attempts to escape, when recaptures is obliged to wear a ball and chain for three months...

I must admit – I am very happy that I will never be in a jail and especially that I will never be at Alcatraz. It cannot have been a good place to serve time.

I was very happy to be able to take the ferry back to SF before we touristed a bit more and returned to BC in Berkeley.


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