Heaven & Hell party

Once Marco and I got back to Berkeley, Rachel had woken up and finally I got to meet Rachel!!! We spent a good time in her room before we were called down for dinner and party preparations.

The CS Basecamp inhabitants were organizing a Heaven and Hell party tonight and we were invited !!! YAY.

The dinner was great and we all enjoyed the company and had fun spending time together finally after so much online interaction it was great to spend some IRL time !

Marco had to return to LA after dinnertime, but Rachel and I started preparing for the party, by dressing up the most angelic we could think of and had costumes available :D

Rachel and Me getting ready for the party !

Later we went downstairs to help out with the rest of the party preparations in the house. It was a HUGE party with San Francisco CSers in all their best costumes and 3 floors of fun. Hell was obviously located in the basement. All lightbulbs were changed from yellow to red lights and this was where the alcohol was floating most freely.

On the street level floor was earth with the dancefloor, a lot of bars and in the second floor more bars and the Heavenly area. If you were spotted without a drink up there you were sent straight down to hell to get a new drink!

Good concept!

The party lasted into the early morning hours and we all had a lot of fun !!!


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