Touring San Francisco with Rach

Rachel and I woke up late today and started helping cleaning up after the party last night. Unfortunately the police stopped by on an unpleasant visit. A few of the house inhabitants had had their computers and a few other valuables stolen during the party last night :( That was really sad, but it was almost impossible to blame anyone since the amount of party participants was so big last night. Everyone still at the house helped describe the events of last night to help the police.

In the afternoon when we were done with all our chores Rachel and I took the Bart downtown to SF where we went shopping and touristing :D but first we had a bubble tea.

Rachel and me with Bubble Tea (Drinks with Tapioka seeds inside for the bubble feel)

 In San Francisco we took the famous cable cars up the hills of SF. Wow, they have some weird hill formations in this city !!!

Me at the cool tram in SF

The funny part is that you can actually stand on the outside of the tram just holding on to the tram if you dont fit inside :D

Once we were done touristing we went shopping at Lush and I found a very nice store that sold the best scarf ever!!! It was so nice and warm and fluffy ! I love it !

At night Rachel took me to this really cool party where they had a disco inside the studio where her friends lived and outside they had impro theatre sessions ! Awesome !

(however I think I was still a bit tired from the party yesterday so we didnt stay so long today)


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