Metallica Concert in Toyota Centre, Houston TX

I had decided that while in Houston I would at least go to one concert during my 2 month long stay in this megacity.

However, me not having a car, nor a drivers license and downtown being pretty far away – I had to wait for an opportunity where someone else that I knew were also going to a concert so I could go with them (and get a ride). Houston is not the place for strolling around by yourself and taking buses everywhere as a single, female after nightfall (even the busdrivers told me so) and because its a 45 minutes drive to get downtown and to the concert areas.

So by chance I found 4 people going to the Metallica concert. Ståle from work (the ride) and Andrea (Couchsurfing friend) with 2 friends of hers.

Metallica has never been my favourite band, but I do like their music and I have always wanted to see them live.

Andrea and myself getting ready to rock !!!

Metallica playing for about 35000 people in the Toyota Centre in Houston…
Amazing experience

The concert was great. At least from where we sat the sound quality was awesome and we had a great time. Ståle was down on the floor and he did complain a bit about the sound quality.

But I was thrilled. A fantasic exerience and a great concert !!


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