First day back at work at Fornebu, Oslo

snow_6.gifOslo is cold and snowy today. Clouds are low and wind is cold. I wish I could have stayed longer in Houston.

However, Im not gonna complain too much. At least I was allowed to go for my wonderful trip and i do enjoy my colleagues a lot, so its great to be back with them!

So, Im back in Oslo, well located at home.

Due to a complete jet-lag I was so bright awake already at 3:30AM. No possibilities to sleep in so I decided to get out of bed and watch TV to make the time go by.

I watched a touching movie called We Are Marshall

See also other links here to articles about this movie
The official site from Warner Bros
A wiki article about the plane crash this movie is about

I was at work before 7 and its dark for so long in the morning. Its not even getting lighter until after 8:30. Sun never came up today.

As usual my 8 weeks away in Houston and Netherlands went by far to quick to feel real and now Im back to the hard realities of snow and winter.

Getting in early makes you be able to leave early and I did. I first stopped to pick up the luggage my colleague Gaute brought over the atlantic for me. Oyvind has picked it up at Gautes house and has stored it at his work. It was sooo heavy. Im impressed I managed to get it with me at all. After picking up that luggage I stopped by at Jorunn and Atles house to pick up the cat and catch up :D
So with the cat, his luggage, my bag and the purse I had enough to carry. It was tremendous. I did however get it home, how i still wonder, but its home and I spent the rest of the night in front of the fireplace wrapping christmas gifts :D

Kitty seems soo happy to be home and its amazing how he seems to also be very happy to be around me ! I love that cat. He is so adorable.


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