Going back to Rome :D

I met up with my sister at the airport bus on our way to Gardermoen. This time we were flying to Rome, Italy together to meet up with our AFS sister from Canada and her and housband Greggs families that are doing a cruise vacation in Europe and the mediterranean.

Our flight left Gardermoen at 09:30 and we had a pleasant direct flight with Norwegian. About 3,5 hours long and we landed in Rome at 12:50. We collected our luggage and cought a cab downtown to Roma Tiburtina where we had lunch and did some shopping. I also filled up with cash on the italian phone so that I would be able to reach my italian friends without necessarily paying too much for calling them.

We met my friend Alfredo, our host for the weekend, and went home with him to leave our luggage there before we were to meet up with Dionne and Gregg downtown. We shared a glass of wine and got updated with the latest news before Ingrid and I had to get downtown again. We took a cab to meet our Canadian/USAmerican family for dinner.

They had chosen a Restaurant called Il Posto Accanto which had LOVELY food!

Me, Ingrid, Ilona, Maureen, Mom, Gregg and Dionne

We had a lovely time and it was so great to see them all again !!! Its been some years since last time we all met :D

At a quarter to midnight Ingrid and I left the group and went back to Alfredos place where we continued talking with Alfredo :D

It was a great night and a great time !


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