Ancient Rome & Dinner with Family and Friends

This saturday morning Sis and I woke up in Alfredos guestroom. Outside it was cloudy and drizzling, however we had a nice morning breakfast with our host where he served local delicacies from the southern regions of Italy, where he is originally from.

At 11:30 Ingrid and I left to take the metro downtown to meet up with Dionne, Gregg and the family. We had agreed to meet them in front of Colosseo. I soon started to regret I had not brought more clothes to Italy. I had calculated that the temperatures would be warmer (which it would have been if it would have been sunny instead of raining). I bought a warm hat to keep my head warm, but I did not find a place to get some nice, cheap clothes to keep me warm from the wind and rain. At least I had an umbrella to keep the rain away.

Dionne and Greegg came with little Zara and it was the first time Ingrid met her.

Dionne, Me and Gregg with Zara

Dionnes parents, Maureen and Winston, Dionnes aunt, Ilona, and Greggs parents, Gregg Sr and Jann came with them and we spent hours walking around the Colooseum, The Foro Imperiali and the Palatine Hills.

Weather sucked, but it was great spending time with the family.

Ingrid and Me in Colosseum

Dionne, Gregg and Zara went home around 4pm to let Zara have her nap, but we were going to meet them later on in the evening again. The parents and aunts wanted to sit down for lunch and Ingrid and I had a photo session with one of the local Gladiators…

Ingrid with the Gladiator

The time had come for shopping. Ingrid and I went shopping in the area around Piazza di Spagna. Not being the normal kind of girl shopper I got an ipod charger and contacts :D Sis didn’t buy a lot, but she did find some nice items.

We met up with the family and my friends (Flavio, Giampiero and Simona) again at Piazza Navona and from there we headed to Bafetto 2 which is a lovely Pizzeria with reasonable prices.

We had a lovely meal and a great time.

After dinner the family and Simona and Giampiero went home, but Flavio stayed and waited for Alfredo and his girlfriend with us.

We went to a bar and had a few drinks there before we went home :D

It was another great day with family and friends


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