Vatican city, St. Peters Church and sister time

Ingrid and I woke up early and we had breakfast with Alfredo and his girlfriend.

Then we all went downtown together and there we split. Ingrid and I walked around and enjoyed the morning before we headed down to Trastevere where we had scheduled to meet up with friends for lunch for a last time at the Restaurant Mo’Sto.

We met Giampiero and Simona first and then Flavio joined us with a bunch of people I had no idea whom were, hence during lunch we did not even get to speak with him as he had sat down with the large group at a table were there were no room left for us. Simona, Giampiero, Ingrid and I chose to sit down at a different table and we had a great time.

We enjoyed a nice meal and then we split up and Ingrid and I started walking from Trastevere towards the Vatican. We enjoyed the beautiful walk along the Trastevere river and we did some shopping and took pictures and just enjoyed the day.

Well into the Vatican, we went to the San Pietro Catedral. Being the centre of the Catholic church it is a church well worth visiting, even if you are a non-believer – just for the beautiful architechture. It was a beautiful church. Probably the most beautiful church I have ever been in.

We also visited the Historic Art Museum – in the treasury of the Basilica of st. Peter.

Outside night was upon us and the lighting set a beautiful frame to the view.

Once we were done in the Vatican (Its really not possible to spend that much time there as its not a particularly big place), we went to relax with some deliciouse italian ice-cream.

We found a mall that was still open and went inside to warm up as well as do some shopping before we headed for a nice pizzeria called Amalfi where we had our dinner.

We met Alfredo before we all went home together.
It had been a lovely day and it was nice to be home.

T:bane buss 23:06


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