Last day in Rome for this time

Sis and I woke up at this nice morning to our host Alfredo making us breakfast. We freshened up, enjoyed the view a bit and joined Alfredo in the kitchen.

It was another lovely morning. Absolutely gorgeous sunny weather and temperatures were very pleasurable, however we were not able to stay long. We had to leave with the metro leaving at 11: 36 to get to the airport in time. Our flight was scheduled at 13:40 from Rome to Oslo. We had a nice day and a nice flight.

My brother in law picked us up at the airport and I am so lucky I was driven back to the door. The temperatures in Rome were very different from those back home and I was happy not to have to be outside in the cold weather.

Saffi was having his own private welcome comittee for me and it was lovely cuddling with the little creature again !


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