Switzerland – Greece

I woke up in Winterthur and had to head out of the apartment without waking up Lisa and Fabian at 7:30am. A bit too early to wake them up. However I will meet them again on Sunday so no problems.

I took the bus from Breite to Winterthur and then the train to Zurich airport where I checked in and went shopping for chocolate :D Yummy Lindt dark Chocolate with crispy raspberry inside !

My travel route went through Slovenia so I flew in to Ljubljana with Adria Airways where I landed 11:10 which gave me a pretty decent time to go shopping at the airport where I picked up a watch for myself and my little sister Linda as a birthdaypresent.

My next flight, from Ljubljana to Athens, also with Adria Airways, left Ljubljana at 1:15pm landing 10 to 4 in Athens. Warm, lovely weather met me when I left the airport to take the bus downtown to Syntagma Square, where I changed to Metro to go to Kalliopes place. From the Metro I took the bus that left me on the top of the Kipoupoli hill where I walked down Pavlou Mela street until I found Kalliopes house :D

View from the Kipoupoli height - right next to where Kalliope lives

View over Athens from the Kipoupoli height – right next to where Kalliope lives

It was so lovely to meet Kalliope again! She took good care of me and her mom had made us dinner in the apartment upstairs and we spent the evening talking and relaxing.


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