Reliving the ancient Greek mythology in Athens

We had another fantastic day with sun from clear sky and temperatures around +37C

Kalliope drove me down to the metro station where I took the metro down to Akropolis where I spent the first part of the day walking around in the shopping area outside the ruin area. I bought post cards, some souvenirs, water (preparing for a long walk inside the Akropolis ruin area) and some lovely earrings with light blue stones.

I moved on to the New Akropolis museum. The museum was amazing. They have such a great collection of statues and beautiful pottery and other remnants of the early greek civilization.

New Acropolis Museum

I paid my entrance fees to get into the old Akropolis area with the Herodion Theatre, Philopappos hills, Aeropagus hill, Temple of Hephaestus, Agora museum and the Stoa of Attalos.

Temple of Hephaestus

I had a fantastic day walking around in the hot, sunny weather. I ordered several granitas and ice creams and I was enjoying the sunshine and the warm weather to its full extent.

I went back towards the Monastiraki square where I had lunch at a nice outdoor restaurant. Delicious food and a wonderful time ! After lunch at 3pm I met up with Thanos and we went for an ice cream while getting to know eachother.

Monastiraki Square

Thanos and I went up to Agion anargion and the Philopappos Hill where we had a beautiful view to Akropolis and Parthenon.

Akropolis from the Philopappos Hills

From the Philopappos hill we could also see all the way to the port of Piraeus. On our way back we went past the  Metamorphosis church and Syntagma square (constitution). We walked around for several hours and then we went to join a big group for a CS event for the night. We met up with Kalliope and went to Ama lahi where we had agreed to meet the others (This Taverna is located at: Methonis 66 & Kallidromiou 68 Exarhia (Themistokleous & Metaxa).) We were more than 30 CSers gathered for a delicious dinner !

Kalliope and myself at the

Kalliope and myself at Ama Lahi 


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