Aegina, Greece 16 July

I woke up this morning and quickly realized that today would be another fantastic day ! Well, the prognoses for the whole week are just amazing … Sun and temperatures around +37C and not a single cloud in sight anywhere :D

Kalliope let me off at the metro station on her way to work and I picked up some breakfast and granita (slurpee) before I headed down to Port of Piraeus with Metro. Once in Piraeus I bought a ticket to the next boat over to Aegina and since I had some time before the boat was to depart, I figured this as a great chance to get to know the area of Piraeus as well.  A nice place. Lots of shopping opportunities and I found a new battery charger (since I had left mine in Switzerland) for the camera battery. Pretty smart idea – according to myself – IF I want to continue taking pictures during this trip.

At 11:30 I cought the ferry Poseidon and enjoyed the ride. 1 hour at sea – Lovely!

Me in Port of Pireaus

After the nice ferry ride and once on Aegina I was in discovery mode. It was such a lovely day and the first thing I did was to find myself a nice ice-cream bar! Yummy.

Then I started walkin around all over Port of Aegina where I found lots of interesting areas, small markets, lovely churches, beautiful flowers and small beautiful streets in every color there is.

Streets of Aegina City

I also found a beautiful butterfly, for those of you who know me well – you will know I have a thing for butterflies… , and this one had a tiny little meal on a pink flower I have no ide what is called. The butterfly however is a Scarce Swallowtail, which is common to the area.

Iphiclides podalirius Linnaeus – Scarce Swallowtail

Once I was done shopping and looking around, I went down to the beach where I got myself installed on a nice chair and relaxed in the sun with music and a good book. What a lovely day !!!!

At 6pm it was time to go back. I probably should have started off at 5, but it was too enjoyable in the sun! However I got a ticket for the ferry Nektarios this time and headed back to Pireaus where I got the metro back home to Kalliopes place.

Once home we went to meet Katerina for dinner at a lovely little restaurant called Diaxroniko, downtown Athens, and enjoyed a lovely meal there.

This restaurant was quite special because they had white, clean underwear hanging down from the ceiling all over the place. It was a really cute touch!

Kalliope, Me and Katerina at Diaxroniko 


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