Aegina, Greece 17 july

I woke up at 7 and got ready for another beautiful day in the sun. Kalliope gave me a ride to the metro station. I got myself a granita and some good breakfast in a nearby coffeeshop there and then I headed to the port of Piraeus again.

It takes a while to cross Athens in public transportation and just the metro ride took me about 45 minutes. However, once you are in for something good – the wait is unimportant !
I got tickets for the Nefeli ferry to Aegina at 10:00am. It was such a lovely day and I had a great time during the trip.

Once there I decided to walk around the port for a while and take pictures.
Aegina is a lovely place and there are so many colors everywhere!

Fishing boats in the harbour of Port of Aegina.

I had a lovely walk, I picked up some fruit from the sellers at the harbour and some good ice cream again. It was quite a hot day!

Why not turn your boat into a store selling fruit ?

I love these tiny streets where everything you can find for sale is displayed outside the stores to attract you to enter and they have lots of nice stuff I want to bring home :D

All kind of lovely honey, nuts and sweets for sale in Aegina.

Once I was done with the city of Aegina I started walking out of it and I found a nice beach, but I have been unsuccesful in finding out its name :D They were all listed in greek (which I until now have only learned 4 words of !!! ), but it was past the archeological site of Kolona.

The archeological site of Kolona

Once done discovering I went back to the nice beach from yesterday and stayed there for some hours. I had my lunch at the beach and went swimming several times. The rest of the day I spent reading my book and listening to music at the beach.

At 5pm I took the boat back home. This time I tried one of the speedboats (one of the flying dolphins xv) which saved me a lot of time, but robbed me from the joy of being able to spend the time of the journey in the sun.

I reached Piraeus and grabbed the metro home. I cought the bus the last piece of the way and when I arrived at Kalliopes area the sun was setting and I took some nice pictures of the sun setting over Athens from the Kipoupoli height. A totally lovely day.

At night Kalliope and I went out for drinks with a friend of hers, Orestis, at bar Meli. We had a great time and decided to go to the beach together tomorrow !
NIIICE. Another day that will be well spent in the sun !

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